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Bitcoin's supply will be almost at 99% by the end of this halving cycle. The fixed schedule is setting off alarms for anyone who is still unaware.

The one in four year Bitcoin halving finalized on the 19th of April 2024, and this highly anticipated event has yet to take effect. Why so?

There are 32 total halvings scheduled in the next 112 years, and 4 have complated.

What does this mean?

Every four years, less and less bitcoin
(small "b" refers to the coin, uppercase "B" refers to the network) enter the market from it's total 21,000,000 supply.

In the beginning, there was a treasury wallet with 21,000,000 total bitcoin.

A fixed small portion would enter the market every 10 minutes from a technique called "mining" from this treasury.

Every 10 minutes there is a block, and there are 144 blocks in a day.

Bitcoin halving schedule

Genesis Blocks: 2009 - 2012:

50 bitcoin per block
7,200 per day
2,628,000 per year

Total mined by 2012: 10,512,000 bitcoin of the full  supply or 50%

1st Halving: 2012 - 2016: 50 bitcoin drops to 25 bitcoin (half)

25 bitcoin per block
3,600 per day
1,314,000 per year

Total mined by 2016: 15,768,000 bitcoin of the full supply or 75%

2nd Halving: 2016 - 2020: 25 bitcoin drops to 12.5 bitcoin (half)

12.5 bitcoin per block
1,800 per day
657,000 per year

Total mined by 2020: 18,396,000 bitcoin of the full supply or 87.6%

3rd Halving: 2020 - 2024: 12.5 bitcoin drops to 6.25 bitcoin (half)

6.25 bitcoin per block
900 per day
328,500 per year

Total mined by 2024: 19,710,000 bitcoin of the full supply or 93.8%

4th Halving: 2024 - 2028: 6.25 bitcoin drops to 3.125 bitcoin (half) CURRENT

3.125 bitcoin per block
450 per day
164,250 per year

Total mined by 2028: 20,367,000 bitcoin of the full supply or 96.9%

5th Halving: 2028 - 2032: 3.125 bitcoin drops to 1.5625 bitcoin (half)

1.5625 bitcoin per block
225 per day
82,125 per year

Total mined by 2028: 20,695,000 bitcoin of the full Bitcoin's Supply or 98.55%


This will continue until there is 0 bitcoin left in the treasury.

By the year 2034, 99% of all bitcoin would have been mined.

Let me blow your mind.

The remaining 1% of Bitcoin's supply will be released over 100 years.

This is why it's NOT TOO LATE!

How many days after a bitcoin halving does it take for price to start moving? Read the blog here as we dissect the possibilities.

Bitcoin Saves Our Future.

Thank you for reading.

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