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Microstrategy 2024 Q1 Results Key Insight:

Microstrategy is a business analytics & intelligence company that provides intelligence to companies like Disney, Walmart, Amazon, CVS Health to name a few.

Click Here for the full report posted by Michael Saylor
of Microstrategy 2024 Q1 Results.

They adopted a bitcoin strategy during the pandemic to combat business decay and forward thinking inflation issues from the money printer which increased the money supply, devaluing the cash they held.

The interest total payable is $10.52 million, paid twice per year to the note holders.

The note holders have the option to:

  1. Convert the notes into shares of $MSTR at $1,497 & $2,327 per share in 2030/31.
  2. Hold until mature and $MSTR pays them back the principle.
  3. Hold and decide to postpone to convert at a later date if they deem the price of shares will come down.

They way they are converted:

If they initially invested $10,000 US to buy the notes, they handed Saylor the $10k to buy bitcoin.

In the year 2030, let us assume $MSTR is trading at $4,000 per share.

The note holder can redeem their notes at $1,497.

$10,000 / $1,497 = 6.68 shares (rounded).

But the market is trading at $4,000 per share in 2030 possibly due to their bitcoin stack worth X mulitples more than the initial investment today.

6.68 x $4,000 = $26,720 of value, or 167% gain.

In this 7 years, the note holder has also received interest at $0.625% or $427.50.

Total value $27,147 or 171.47% gain from initial investment.

The opposite is also true. If the share price is BELOW the $1,497, they may wish to hold onto the note.

Generally speaking, the note holder wouldn't invest in the vision of the capital raise unless they believed the share price or company value would be greater than their initial investment.

Thank you for reading.

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