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Welcome to the Australian BTCCLUB, Australia's premier bitcoin rewards club for enthusiasts and newcomers. Founded on principles of empowerment and success, BTCCLUB offers unique benefits and resources to navigate the Bitcoin landscape and maintain your edge. Our vibrant community has been built to discover the possibilities of Bitcoin, and how it can shape our future. Through strategic partnerships, we deliver exclusive deals and discounts, enhancing your experience with us. However, BTCCLUB goes beyond rewards.

Our dedication to supporting Bitcoin charities, developers, and youth is close to our hearts. We contribute at least 2.1% of our revenue to these causes through all of our livestreams. 

We look forward to having you apart of the team. 

A Bitcoin Future, is a Future Our Kids Can Trust. 


Allow us to introduce our extraordinary team!


Jeanette is a mother of two, a teacher passionate about theater and movie production, and an avid reader. In the Bitcoin space, orange pilling (introducing and convincing someone to adopt and support Bitcoin) a spouse is often the trickiest. Jeanette was all ears when Santo explained the history of money and the unfolding future. She is now a keen student of Bitcoin and has attended many events across Australia, including the Bitcoin Bush Bash.


Santo is a qualified electrician with over 14 years in the industry, passionate about money, business, and entrepreneurship. In September 2017, while installing the electrical cables to an advertising billboards on the Tullamarine Freeway at Essendon Airport, two Bitcoin-savvy gentlemen spotting the cherry picker screamed, "SANTO, GET DOWN, WE NEED TO GO! HURRY!" Santo lowered the 8-meter boom and watched as the spotters ran home immediately. The next day, curious, he asked about the emergency. They explained, "Bitcoin dropped 17% from $4,000 US to $3,200 US, and we needed to rush home to buy as much as possible."


The day before, they had literally halted work just to go home and purchase Bitcoin, sparking Santo's curiosity. Delving into the Bitcoin rabbit hole, Santo discovered the correlation between energy and Bitcoin, the broken monetary system, and the scarcity that drove the spotters to drop tools and shut down the site to buy Bitcoin. With the birth of the Wallet of Satoshi lightning wallet, Bitcoin transactions became cheap, fast, and easy, helping people understand its power and ease. Santo began paying for haircuts, services, gyms, and bars, offering a $10 tip in Bitcoin. Most offers were denied, but quite a few were accepted. Over time, this helped business owners understand Bitcoin's power as their tip wallet balances increased over time while their fiat balances lost value.


Proof of Work Au trades as the BTCCLUB, and we are honored and delighted to continue this journey with all our members to help educate, play games, run events, and build the BTCCLUB community.



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